Redneck Test

Do people say that you are a "Red" Neck"?
Well we have created a Redneck test to see how you rank in the world of the "red" necks..
All you have to do is take this online risk free quiz and find out!

Plus what do you have to loose other than your pride?
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# Question:
1. Are you male or female? Male Female
2. How many beers do you drink a day?
3. How often do you bath per year?
4. Have you ever heard of a dentest? Yes No I don't know
5. Have you dated your sister\brother? Yes No I don't know
6. Do you have a gun? Yes No
7. Do you live in a farm? Yes No
8. Do you own a pickup truck? Yes No
9. Do you enjoy nascar racing? Yes No
10. Number of days drunk per week?
11. Do you know what chew is? Yes No
12. Have you finished high school? Yes No
13. Did you enjoy the movie brokback mountain? Yes No
14. Do you have a confederate flag? Yes No
15. Have you ever had to pull you truck out of a mud pit? Yes No
16. Buy your clothes at a feed store? Yes No
17. How many of your own teath do you have?
18. Do you own a cowboy hat? Yes No
19. Have you ever ridden a hourse? Yes No
20. Do you have aniamal heads on your walls? Yes No
21. Number of children in your "house" that arn't yours.


Created by Sean T.
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